Getting Schooled in Wearables

Three weeks ago I began the course that originally brought me to Bremen – Wearable Computing. This subject is part of the Artificial Intelligence research group within the Center for Computing Technologies (TZI) at Uni Bremen and is traditionally offered to computer science students. Recently this research group began offering their classes to digital media[…]

T-Mobile USA (M80)

When I first began working with T-Mobile USA we were primarily focused on helping people find the right devices through social media messaging. This required strategically looking at dozens of messages T-Mobile USA receives everyday and determining which ones should be responded to and then developing appropriate responses. When AT&T announced that they would buy[…]

How I got to Bremen, Germany

Over the last month several of my fellow MCDM students and friends have asked “what are you doing in Germany?” Well now that I’m all settled down and blazing across the country on the train whenever possible, I’ve finally found the time to fill everyone in and hopefully offer some inspiration and insight into how[…]