A Final Comparison of News Oriented Websites

In comparing six different news oriented websites I found that while the industry has a predominant theme to it; each site’s individual characteristics are aimed specifically at its preferred audience. The fascinating part of this study was that some large companies like the Washington Post neglect to put enough resources into website for it to[…]

The New Public Sphere

While reading about developing wireless technologies, I was again reminded of the incredible copper and fiber optic network which holds together the United States. Just as our country has become increasingly more dependent on internet resources,  other developing countries will likely become dependent and wireless technology will offer a much cheaper solution . Entrepreneurs are[…]

Campaigning in the 21st Century

Up until recently, a simple voters pamphlet was the way many Americans received valid, printed information about candidates. Newspapers and TV have also provided background information about candidates for many years, but neither of  these formats provided the abundance of information (true and false) that the internet currently carries to the majority of homes, business’s,[…]