Social Media Strategy & Results: USCG District 13 Auxiliary

For the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Coast Guard on several media components and communities for the District 13 Auxiliary, the Citizen’s Action Network & Sector Seattle’s Marina Outreach program. This fantastic opportunity presented itself at the end of my junior year in college and became a core part[…]

Permission to tweet: The U.S. Military on Twitter

Preface: In June of 2009 I began a graduate course at University of Washington that focused on the ways that Twitter has changed organizational communication. As part of this course we set out to research and write a book about over 100 different organizations and how they’ve used Twitter. Due to my timely connections with[…]

Engineering Consent

Along with all of the many benefits of the human brain and mass media, together they allow us to be plagued by the inability to think clearly because of the overwhelming amount of information available. Subconsciously we label everything according to how it fits values and beliefs. When we are consciously being persuaded to behave[…]

Flight from Death

The studies done in the video “Flight from Death” support many aspects of the claims made by both Farhad Manjoo and Stuart Ewen. The key focus of the studies in the film was to find out how emotions lead to irrationality within the human mind. Many theories such as Sigmund Freud’s back up this hypothesis;[…]