The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Strategic Communication Campaign

While trying to find a campaign that has had a long history of social influence, I decided few disclosed campaigns have been as large and controversial as the campaign against drugs in America. Daily kids and adults are bombarded with billboards, posters, TV commercials, radio commercials, newspaper/magazine ads, and the resulting casual conversations which remind[…]

Engineering Consent

Along with all of the many benefits of the human brain and mass media, together they allow us to be plagued by the inability to think clearly because of the overwhelming amount of information available. Subconsciously we label everything according to how it fits values and beliefs. When we are consciously being persuaded to behave[…]

Flight from Death

The studies done in the video “Flight from Death” support many aspects of the claims made by both Farhad Manjoo and Stuart Ewen. The key focus of the studies in the film was to find out how emotions lead to irrationality within the human mind. Many theories such as Sigmund Freud’s back up this hypothesis;[…]