Campaigning in the 21st Century

Up until recently, a simple voters pamphlet was the way many Americans received valid, printed information about candidates. Newspapers and TV have also provided background information about candidates for many years, but neither of  these formats provided the abundance of information (true and false) that the internet currently carries to the majority of homes, business’s,[…]

And the war goes on, another battle rages…

Microsoft Silverlight The Wikipedia page for Microsoft’s Silverlight online media platform was filled with scripting terms and technical jargon. Fortunately all of these terms were hyperlinked and the definitions were easily accessible. I found in-depth information as to the video formats Silverlight is able to decode and also some idea as to how difficult[…]

“you’re working for under minimum wage.”

Marketing strategies and business models for technology products have for some time now have been mysteriously slow. Often times a company develops a technology, attempts to market and create a business model around it and then another companies releases a similar product for much cheaper or free. So far, popular media products including music and[…]