Can we avoid technology?

A few weeks ago I answered the phone at the computer repair shop I work for and talked with a lady who had nearly come to terms with the ways in which she had become dependant on technology. Her computer had broken down a day after she lost her job and subsequently her work cell[…]

Is this just a vicious cycle?

This week’s readings gave some great examples of the differences between the way things actually are and the way westerners perceive them. All three readings discussed the ways in which westerners have failed to uncover and address our underlying social problems. As Hacking pointed out, many of these problems have to do with the way[…]

Digitally Divided

Kavita Philip’s article gave a severe example of the destruction that can be caused by a digital divide. The concept of “sameness and difference” (pg. 6) that is talked about along with the reinforcement of “certain moral and political economies” tells a lot about why a large gap in technology continues to exist when life[…]