Optimizing app development strategy to optimize profits

Much of the content we’ve studied so far in the MCDM smartphone class I’m taking has been centered around optimizing all of the different elements of a smartphone application development strategy. Even if your not in it for the money, optimizing your strategy will consume the least resources and save you from wasting countless hours.[…]

Mind Mapping Smartphone App Ideas

App Idea: GovCast Audience: Reporters/journalists, gov workers, educators/students, people who watch C-Span Purpose: Ability to watch public videos from all branches of gov. Competing Apps: C-Span Radio (iPhone), The White House (iPhone), NASA App (iPhone) Possible Sponsor: Gov grants GovCast could provide anyone with a smartphone the ability to watch videos from a wide variety[…]

The ever-changing development strategies for smartphone apps

I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading through the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines as well as several other articles related to iPhone development strategies and I want to explore how these strategies are changing based on the growth and innovation or other mobile platforms. Several months ago I read through the Windows Phone UI Design[…]