Revolution vs. The Master Switch

Many well educated, technologically savvy people make attempts at describing the times we live in as an information “revolution”. Whether it is information technology, journalism, social networks or communication, they argue that new media is “revolutionary” and something human kind has never witnessed before. In Tim Wu’s book the The Master Switch, he makes the[…]

Moore’s Law: A Law or a Massive Market Distraction?

When I read the title of chapter 7 in Clayton Christensen’s book Seeing What’s Next I became curious as to what was meant by “Whither” Moore’s Law? Moore’s law has been roughly defined in previous classes I’ve taken but I never realized there were actually companies in pursuit of Moore’s law or more importantly that Moore’s[…]

Developing the network of networks

Brian Winston’s chapter about the prototypes and ideation of the Internet from this week’s readings provided a fascinating look at the evolution of data networking technologies. While reading through this chapter I was particularly interested in the role the military played in advancing networking technologies and the struggle against hostile attitudes faced by researchers like[…]

AT&T gobbling up T-Mobile: Project Ideas

Currently I’m trying to decide on one of the following approaches: Impact on the U.S. mobile market: AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile Sprint has issued a public letter opposing the merger stating: “The wireless industry has sparked unprecedented levels of competition, innovation, job creation and investment for the American economy, all of which could be undone[…]