Who designs these news sites?

I reviewed several news websites including the Washington Post, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the San Jose Mercury News and the Star Tribune. All of these news sites were relatively similar in their complexity and appearance except that the Washington Post was left aligned instead of centered. The Star Tribune also used a light blue background instead of a white background. In my opinion all of these sites are terrible! Why not make these sites much simpler and give people what they really want, an uncluttered site were everything is categorized and easy to find? I dont care if there is a link to every story on every page, if I want a specific story I will search for it on google, not look through every link on a page for it.

Washington Post – What I like most about this site was the “Understand More About” box in every article which uses interactive media to show subjects which are related to the news story. I also like that they display the top viewed stories on the top of the home page. What I hate about this site is that it is left aligned instead of centered. Of all the sites, this one used the most interactive media.

San Jose Mercury News – This was my favorite site because of its simplicity and color scheme. It also did not require a login to view any stories. Everything was spaced out well and there were very few distractions.

Cincinnati Enquirer –  The only thing I liked about this site was that on the front page they have a long list of links to news stories without additional clutter. Several times when I clicked on stories it asked to fill out a survey before I could continue.

Star Tribune – This site had the most ads by far and many of them were extremely annoying (approx. 7 large ads per page). They also used very little interactive media and the pages load very slowly.

I did not get this post done by the deadline because I was under the impression it was due by March 2nd as originally posted. I’ve also had many other assignments to get done and did not check the group assignment page for a few days.

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