Passive Aggressively Wasting Time

Two recent articles I read at first had few things in common until I realized that one seems to explain the other. The first, an article about new technologies that allow you to unleash your anger against individuals in your community online, caused me to wonder what happened to not holding a grudge. Yes, it might be nice to have a place to vent but what does someone have to do to deserve such tormenting and how much time should you waste doing it? The second article provided somewhat of a context for such actions and caused me to decide that digilantism is most likely a by-product our increased need to feel that we are in control.

Digital devices such as laptops, Tivo’s, iPods, cell phones, and on-demand services have made us quite irratable when we dont get what we want when we want it. This seems to be transferring over into our public lives. If people dont do what we want, when we want, do we really need to write about the incident online? Can we not simply excuse their actions and recognize that most things are caused by circumstances outside our control? I’ve been quite amazed at social parameters that have been setup by the internet. Many concepts such as digilantism have been around for centuries but the internet has created a way for this type of gossip to spread much faster. These types of technologies are causing people to only see materials that fit their agenda instead of offering an overall perspective on a matter.

As a member of the younger generation and often a proponent of new technologies I was surprised to find myself on the conservative side of the matter. Yes, I do things like get angry at other drivers and watch TV. Fortunately though, I realize the enormous amount of time that can be wasted by participating in activities such as posting about everyone I don’t like or watching countless hours of television.

1. How might technologies such as the printing press be compared to digital video recording technology?

2. In your own life, what technologies like do you use that could be considered a time waster?

3. What kinds of systems should be implemented to utilize these same technologies in a positive way? (i.e. online lost and found)

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